Kathrin Worner - Hormone Yoga

Certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher 1997

Certified Hormone Yoga Teacher 2008

Trained in Reflexology 1995

Reki inauguration by Dr Usui 1995

Paediatric Nurse

Kathrin was born in 1964 in Frankfurt, Germany. In 1982 she started training as a paediatric nurse at the University Hospital Frankfurt. After qualifying Kathrin worked in the hospital`s children’s surgery department for two years.


In 1987 Kathrin started working with a mobile children’s nursing unit caring for children in their homes. Kathrin was very thankful for this career shift for her personal growth.This was where she made her first contact with Yoga, which was to become a constant factor in her life. 


Kathrin has also trained in Reflexology and had an initiation into amazing energy wires of Reiki in level 1 and 2. Through this initiation it became clear to Kathrin that she was taking a new path in her life. Kathrin fulfilled her wish and became a Yoga teacher in 1995 from the school of Sivananda.       


Kathrin moved to Portugal in 1997 to live and work professionally as a Yoga teacher and therapist.  In 2008 Kathrin trained personally under Dinah Rodrigues, the creator of Hormone Yoga. This experience was truly inspirational to her on a personal level, correcting her own hormone imbalance. Kathrin began teaching Hormone Yoga herself and she soon realised how many women suffer in silence with Hormone Imbalance.


Through recommendations and treatment successes her classes are in high demand.


Kathrin continues to learn different healing methods from various teachers and these inspirations and techniques influence her treatment work today allowing Kathrin to reach people on much more than a physical level. Kathrin variety of work and training experiences have really benefited her own development as a healer. This is amazing and meaningful work for Kathrin as it brings you closer to femininity in a joyful and compassionate way.    

Hatha Yoga by Sivananda                                               

 Hatha Yoga Practice is a retrospective into yourself. It is about posture (Asanas), breathing (Pranayama), relaxation and meditation. Hatha Yoga will develop your strength and flexibility and create a feeling of wellbeing.

The regular practice sharpens the state of your mind and improves and increases your awareness and brings inner peace and stability.


Hormone Yoga by Dinah Rodrigues                                        

Hormone Yoga is the natural alternative to conventional hormone therapies. Hormone Yoga is very fulfilling, it corrects and balances the female hormones and is for all women suitable with unbalanced hormones which can be caused from a lack of oestrogen.


Specific breathing techniques (Pranayama) and body postures (Asanas) directly massage the hormone producing glans, in order to stimulate and activate female hormone production.

Usually learnt over 10 hours minimum of theory and practice it is a natural way back to a perfectly balanced femininity.

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