Monica Damas

AFFA (USA) for exercise classes,                       

MANZ(PORTUGAL) for personal training                    

CEFAD(PORTUGAL) for Pilates.                                                            

TEF  diploma from The Sports Institute.

Mónica has been working in the fitness world for 20 years, taking a variety of exercise classes as well as personal training, Zumba and dancing.  Mónica began teaching Pilates about 7 years ago and having experienced benefits that were so amazing to her personally she was inspired to introduce and teach Pilates to as many people as she could.


Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance, flexibility, posture, strength and more...


When you practice Pilates you become in tune with your body by performing smooth, flowing moves,   it helps to reduce stress trough awareness of the breathing; it works your body as a whole, bringing you incredible benefits in all levels.


  • Pilate’s exercises develop a strong "core" or centre of the body.

  • Pilates can help to improve your general health and wellbeing.

  • Prevents and heals injuries

  • Transforms your body into a leaner, more flexible and stronger one. 

  • Pilates is suitable for most people and it becomes part of your life.


Monica's Experience

Monica’s own personal experience “Since I´ve been teaching and practicing Pilates my posture, my flexibility and my strength have improved and my body has changed naturally.


I was a professional Triathlete in the past and excessive training had left its mark. I had suffered injuries and I felt that I had to work out above and beyond usual limits to achieve results.


With Pilates it all changed, so now I don´t know what an injury is and my body is now healthier and looks better than ever before. I learned how to listen to my body and most of all, respect my body.  My body and my mind thanked me.


Professionally, teaching Pilates is very rewarding in a way I had never imagined it could be possible. I saw people suffering back pain for years recover completely, I saw people´s body’s looking better and better as they were getting older, I saw peoples postures improve and change for the better.             


When working with professional sports people I saw how the benefits of Pilates added to and enhanced their performance.

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